Intersex Activists Speak Out

You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, but intersex activists have been having a major publicity push this past week. There has been a demonstration outside Parliament, people going on hunger strike and so on. I have been getting press releases from Jane Fae. Even the LGBT media appears to have ignored them. The only place I have seen the story covered is in Gay Star News, for whom Jane happens to be a regular columnist. See her piece here for more coverage.

Basically what the activists want is for the government to take a look at intersex equality in the same way they did for trans equality. I suspect that the members of the Transgender Equality Inquiry would be very sympathetic to this. They rather backed off on intersex issues when they found out that there was a lot more to those questions than simply lumping them in with trans. While most of the prejudice we face stems from the same mad adherence to the gender binary, the issues and solutions can be very different, and indeed can be very different between different intersex conditions.

Here’s hoping that someone other than Jane is listening to all of this. I at least have a few rights in this country. According to UK law, intersex people don’t even exist.