Juliet Is Busy

Some of you will doubtless be wondering where the final book in the Aldabreshin Compass series is. Well, it is on the way. Having been ambushed by Chirstmas and not got Western Shore out until January, there’s no way Eastern Tide was going to be out before March because of the LGBT History Month madness. Things are calming down a bit now, and I can get back to work on the book.

Meanwhile Juliet, bless her, has been busy. Firstly she has published a new short story set in the Aldabreshin Archipelago. It is called “Distant Thunder”, and it is available free at Juliet’s website. The story is set at the same time as the events of Northern Storm.

In addition she has been guest-blogging over at Charlie Stross’s website. Her post there talks about some of the worldbuilding that went into creating the Aldabreshin Compass series. In particular Juliet talks about how she went about creating a lead character who is an autocratic ruler who keeps slaves and has absolute power over his people. If you are going to have a feudal society in your epic fantasy, the least you can do is examine how it works with a critical eye.

Hopefully all of this will encourage you to read the Aldabreshin Compass series. The books are well worth it.