The Storm Has Arrived

Northern Storm - Juliet E McKenna
And not just the weather outside either. No, I’m talking about the latest release from Wizard’s Tower: Northern Storm, book 2 in the Aldabreshin Compass series by Juliet E McKenna. The book is available in most of the usual stores now, and I’m sure Nook will get things sorted soon.

You can find the purchase links here. Google Books appear to have it on sale, should you be after an epub.

Over on her blog, Juliet is doing a bit PR by way of a short story set in the Aldabreshin Archipelago and featuring a minor character from Southern Fire. You can find that, and Juliet’s introduction to it, here.

By the way, the new book has a bit of background on the role of eunuchs in Aldabreshin society. Juliet’s degree is in Classics, so she’s well informed about such things. We have been having an interesting chat. For now let’s just say that Byzantium is a fascinating place, and not just because of Theodora.