And Another Thing…

If Germaine Greer really wanted to complain about feminists being censored then she would take note of the UK Government’s plans to remove all mention of feminism from the A Level Politics syllabus. Yes, that’s right, one of the most important political movements of our time, and high school students in the UK will not be taught about it in their politics classes.

It is even possible that Greer is one of the prominent feminist thinkers whose work might be taught in such lessons. But is she complaining about this? Not a peep, as far as I can see. After all, objecting to government policy is so much less fun than bullying a minority group. Nor will it get her fat fees for TV and newspaper appearances.

I, however, am a feminist. Unlike Ms. Greer, I will be taking the opportunity to raise the issue, not only here, but also on my radio show next week.

Petition here for those so inclined.