It’s World Fantasy Outrage Season (Again)

Today has been pretty much swallowed by the Tara Hudson case, and looks set to continue that way. I’ll update when I can. In the meantime here’s some SF&F content for you.

Last weekend something called the Women’s Freedom Conference was taking place. It looked like a really great event, especially in the support it was giving to trans women of color. But it used the hashtag #WFC2015, which I kept reading as World Fantasy Convention. It was very confusing.

Of course WFC is generally on Hallowe’en weekend, so it will be starting in a few days time. Sadly it doesn’t look anywhere near as much fun. Last night Natalie Luhrs raised the alarm over this year’s WFC’s harassment policy. Outrage ensued, including this magnificent rant from John Scalzi.

Well at least I don’t have to worry about boycotting WFC this year. It’s in the USA, so I can’t go. But it is somehow comforting to see the outrage continuing without me. Were it up to me, my protest would be to have the most amazing cosplay all weekend.