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Letters to Tiptree - Alex Pierce & Alisa KrasnosteinYeah, I know I have a short piece in it, but it is a very short piece and the book is full of all sorts of fabulous things, including a whole bunch of Tiptree’s correspondence with Le Guin & Russ.

Alex has written a bit about the book here, including links to other pieces of Tiptree material that have been published recently. To that I’d like to add the academic paper I gave in Manchester this year which talks extensively about Alli Sheldon’s gender identity.

Details as to how to order the book can be found here. It is available as an ebook, so you don’t need to have paper shipped from Australia.

Oh, and someone should probably nominate the book for next year’s Tiptree Award. Lots of interesting stuff already recommended, I see. So many books…

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