My Sasquan Schedule

No, of course I am not in Spokane. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be involved in Worldcon. They can’t get rid of me that easily.

As most of you will know, on Saturday night I will be helping Kevin and Mur Lafferty co-host the text-based coverage of the Hugo Award Ceremony. Because of my travel plans, I’ll actually be doing this from a hotel room in Liverpool. The ceremony starts at 4:00am my time. Ouch. You can find information about how to watch the coverage here.

However, it appears that won’t be my only involvement. I may be on a panel too. Tonight Cat Valente is moderating a panel titled “Exploring Orientation and Gender in Fiction”. There are no obviously trans people on the panel, so last night Cat put out a call on Twitter for trans writers who might want to help out. I muttered something about not being there, and to my surprise and delight Cat offered to Skype me in. There’s no guarantee this will work. The tech might not be up to it, and someone at Sasquan may decide that fandom needs to be protected from a notorious Menace like me. However, we are going to give it a try. That means I have to be up for a 4:00am event tomorrow morning too.

Anyway, fingers cross, and huge thanks to Cat for making the offer.

It is a good job that all I’m doing on Friday and Sunday is catching trains.