July BristolCon Fringe – Nick Walters & Ken Shinn

I have another set of podcasts from BristolCon Fringe online for your listening delight. These are from our July Horror Special.

First up was Nick Walters who, amongst other things, has written a lot of Doctor Who tie-in novels. We won’t mention the BristolCon Quiz. Nick’s story is from a wonderful anthology called Killer Bees from Outer Space which is devoted to B Movies. It is entirely possible that Nick’s story is the silliest one in the book. Be prepared to scream as you listen to “Blood Slobber of the Scrunge Worms”!!!

I hope that came out OK. Nick is a serial microphone abuser. I think he must have been a vocalist in a heavy metal band at some point.

Our second story was very different. We had been promised pudding, and pudding we got. Cake, to be precise. Ken Shinn’s story started off innocently enough with a celebrity chef in Hollywood, and quickly had everyone in the room feeling itchy. Ken does have a story in Killer Bees from Outer Space, but this is not it. Oh dear me no. Ken’s insects are much nastier.

Finally I got to ask our readers a few questions. Nick revealed his total fascination with snails. I made what turned out to be a remarkably accurate prediction about the new Fantastic Four movie, and a pun so terrible it almost cleared the room. Everyone got nostalgic about B Movies and Jo revealed what is possibly the silliest title for a horror movie ever. We also preview Tom Parker’s appearance at Edinburgh Fringe. The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is at C Venue and the first performance is on Sunday. If you are up in Edinburgh, be there.

Next month’s Fringe will be on Monday night (August 17th) and will feature the dynamic duo of Gaie Sebold and David Gullen. I may have to ask them about how they enjoyed Archipelacon.