Trans Rights In Europe

Trans Rights in Europe, 2015

Transgender Europe has just issued this map showing the state of trans rights across Europe. The color key is brown for no legal recognition, red for sterilization required for legal recognition, and blue for it not being required.

A full copy of the map, and detailed index of various rights which gives a much clearer picture of where each country is, can be found here.

Ireland’s Gender Recognition Bill has passed through the Seanad but is not yet law. Hopefully some of my Irish readers can update me on what the remaining steps are. If they are not too busy campaigning for a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum. Good luck, folks!

The Council of Europe’s position on trans rights is very clear. This resolution is in advance of just about every country in the EU, except possibly Malta. Which is doubtless one of many reasons that the Conservatives want to leave the EU.

2 thoughts on “Trans Rights In Europe

  1. I’m quite horrified at the thought that even one country, let alone 21, forces sterilization.

    I admit I did a couple of double-takes before wrapping my head around the idea of trans women siring (is that even the right verb?) children and trans men bearing them, but that’s because my education about trans happened in the 80s when my former partner began her transition…and has only recently started to catch up to the current realities.

    1. Color me similarly horrified (and I feel quite naive at not knowing this is a thing…a crazy, horrible thing.).

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