Book Review – Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise - Silvia Moreno-GarciaHere’s another book review for you. I owe Gary Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan for this one, because I would never have even noticed it without them. I’m really pleased that they talked about it, because it is a lovely book.

It has a lovely Eric Mohr cover as well, which is why I’m providing a bigger version of it here than the one in the review. I really must remember Eric on next year’s Hugo ballot because he does great work.

Anyway, the book. The short version is that Signal to Noise is a love story between two geeky teenagers set in Mexico City in 1988, with magic. However, things don’t finally get sorted out until they meet again in 2009. Gary said in his review in Locus that it is not a genre YA story, despite the teenage protagonists, and I tend to agree with him. It is, however, well worth reading. My review can be found here.