Reviewers Wanted

I’ve had two requests today from people who are looking for book reviewers, so I am passing them on.

First up is a new venture called Shoreline of Infinity. It is a new magazine based in Scotland. They plan to publish fiction as well, and of course they are looking for art. They appear to be paying minimal rates for fiction and art, and nothing for reviews. The magazine will be published in ebook formats, and in print, and you can pre-order issue #1 for £2.50, or the first five issues for £10.

Also I have email from SF2 Concatenation which is a very long-established webzine. They are looking to expand their list of reviewers. They do ask that you live in the UK, presumably because they need to post you books. Again there is no pay.

Neither of these publications is on the list of venues surveyed by the Strange Horizons Count, but they might be in future years. In any case, the more reviews that are written by people who are not straight cis white men the better. If you fancy trying your hand at reviewing, why not give one of these venues a try.