New Twelfth Planet Anthology Crowdfunding

Defying DoomsdayThe lovely people at Twelfth Planet Press have another anthology that they are crowdfunding. If it ends up being anywhere near as good as Kaleidoscope we are in for a treat.

So what’s the book about? It is called Defying Doomsday, and it will be “an anthology of apocalypse-survival fiction with a focus on disabled characters”. The editors will be Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench, who are new names to me but knowing Alisa she will have checked them out thoroughly before working with them.

There’s plenty of information about the book at the Pozible campaign page, but this bit is worth sharing with those of you who haven’t yet clicked through:

We want to create an anthology that is varied, especially among protagonists, with characters experiencing all kinds of disability from physical impairments, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses and/or neurodiverse characters. There will also be a variety of stories, including those that are fun or sad, adventurous or horrific, etc, but we are avoiding stories in which the character’s condition is the primary focus of the narrative.

I’m not sure that I’d want trans characters to count as having a physical or mental disability, but I’m absolutely there with the idea of the story not focusing on the character’s condition.

I see that they already have Corrine Duyvis, John Chu and Janet Edwards lined up to write stories, which is very promising. I’ve backed it. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.