Some Comics News

I don’t follow comics news as assiduously as I follow SF&F publishing, but I do keep an eye on Autostraddle and if anything interesting is happening I can rely on Mey to tell me about it.

Yesterday, I noticed this article about the fabulous Runaways series. It included a note that Marvel will be bringing back the series soon, and you can find out more about that on The Mary Sue. To be honest I’m not too thrilled with the idea of Battleworld, but I have heard very good things about Lumberjanes so I was interested to see what Noelle Stevenson made of the team. Then, just to complete the squee, I saw Noelle’s name on this list of trans & non-binary comics creators. That suddenly makes the prospect of the new Runaways much more interesting. I doubt that we’ll get Xavin back, but I’m sure there will be cool stuff.