February Fringe

March has been a bit of a blur, but I have finally got the February recordings from BristolCon Fringe online.

First up we have John Hawkes-Reed, who treats us to another tale about steam-powered, programmable war elephants. Well, part of a tale anyway. To get the rest of it you’ll need to get hold of North by Southwest, a fine anthology by local Bristol writers, and edited by the fabulous Jo Hall. The book is illustrated by Clare Hutt, who also started BristolCon Frine and drew the logo.

The second reader was the mysterious lone cowboy known as Stark Holborn, who treated us to a deleted scene from the fabulous Nunslinger. Cunningly Stark recruited a couple of volunteers from the audience to read some of the parts. However, they seem to have forgotten that in order to be on the recording you actually have to speak into the microphone. Let this be a lesson you, folks. Apologies to listeners. Maybe we can get Stark & Co to do this again at some point.

Finally we have the Q&A, in which Jo asks John where he gets his ideas from, and Stark reveals the origins of Nunslinger. Along the way there is mention of the amazing Bass Reeves, who is also a major character in Elizabeth Bear’s Karen Memory. I had to cut several of the questions, again due to people not speaking into the microphone.

Apologies once again for the poor sound quality. Now I need to get to work on the March event, because I am sure that you are all keen to hear an excerpt from the forthcoming Paul Cornell novel.