Getting Visible

TDoV 2015

Tomorrow (March 31st) is the International Trans Day of Visibility. The idea of the day is for trans people who have the luxury of being out to stick their heads above the parapet for a while, remind the world that trans people exist, and provide possibility models for those people who can’t yet be out.

I want to make clear that the point of the day is not to encourage or force people to come out. No one should have to be out unless they are very comfortable with being so.

Anyway, the fine people at Liverpool Trans have come up with a great idea that I wish we had had at Trans*Code over the weekend because it is just perfect for that sort of event. They have created a website that allows you to upload a picture, and which will modify it to add some standard TDoV text. The idea is that people make these images and then use them in social media. You can see mine above.

By the way, I suspect the hand of the awesomely talented Sophie Green in all of this. Check out her website for her more usual activities, such as painting large animals.

Update: Photo credit – Tom Becker. Sorry I forgot to mention that in the original post.

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  1. Well I shared this and added: “A very good friend of mine, Cheryl has opened the international networks of literary for many talented writers, is witty and charming speaker and encouraging tutor for researchers. And she writes, edits, makes critics and – well you name it. All Finnish sf people lover her, therefore she is offically adopted as a member of the Finnish fandom. Oh, AND she is the Official Member of the Finnish SF Grannies. “

  2. That is a great picture of you and a great idea you refer to in this. I miss you.

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