Bacon Beer

After the talk I went out for a few drinks with Leah Moore and John Reppion. Leah took me to a Mexican restaurant that had quite nice food but rather over the top decoration – masked wrestlers, movie posters showing people displaying Too Much Emotion, and so on. Leah decided that the correct term for such a place was Moxican. I suspect I shall make a lot of use of that word.

After that we ended up in the new Liverpool branch of Brew Dog. I noticed that they had some German smoked beer. This stuff. It smells just like smokey bacon crisps (that’s one of the weird British potato chip flavors, American friends), and it tastes of smoked meat too. It is perhaps not the best thing to drink on its own, but I got some because it was weird and I figured people would be interested. Doubtless the Germans drink it with smoked sausages. I find that it goes very well with pepperoni pizza.

Thanks to Leah & John for a lovely night out, and for impressing the University folks with the quality of my contacts.

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