“We’re not anti-fairies but…”

Ah, Somerset, what a magnificent source of daft news stories you are.

Many of you will already have seen this on Twitter & Facebook, but it is worth repeating here. According to the BBC, a wood near Somerset village is suffering from a plague of fairies, and is having to bring in “fairy control” to deal with them.

This is a part of England where I expect UKIP support to be fairly strong. I am sure they have something to do with it. After all, fairies are Celtic creatures, and the Kippers are most definitely English. It’s a wonder that they haven’t demanded that all of the fairies be sent back to Cornwall or something.

Of course it is also true that the Somerset economy is very much dependent on its dairy industry. All that cream and cheese has to come from somewhere. What people are going to do when the milk starts coming out sour because the fairies are annoyed I do not know.

My guess is that at some point they will have to call Liz Williams in to broker some sort of peace agreement. I hope she gets well paid for it.

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2 Responses to “We’re not anti-fairies but…”

  1. Glenn Glazer says:

    This wouldn’t happen in Ireland. They’d never try to ban Sidhe.

  2. Brian Dolton says:

    Tough on fairies, tough on the causes of fairies…

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