The Powell Brothers Do Fringe

I have been very remiss about posting BristolCon Fringe podcasts over the past few months. First there was Worldcon and Eurocon, then my mum being ill, then BristolCon itself, and soon after Christmas. It was not a good time. But I do need to get caught up because we have some really good material, starting with the December event. That featured Huw and Gareth Powell. Huw read from his middle grade book, Spacejackers, which is a rip-roaring adventure about Space Pirates. Gareth read from his latest (and now available) novel, Macaque Attack. This is the final book in the Ack-Ack Macaque series, so do take this last opportunity to hear the monkey being all violent and sweary. We totally earned that Explicit tag on iTunes, thank you, Gareth.

The event is hosted by Joanne Hall. Sound quality is not as good as I would like because there was some background clicking that I had to remove and it was just irregular enough for me to not be able to use Levelator without making things much worse. Next up, when I get the time, will be Emma & Pete Newman. And of course we have the February Fringe event happening next Monday (16th). That will feature John Hawkes-Reed (hopefully with programmable steam war elephants), and the rootin’ tootin’ Wild West genius of Stark Holborn.

Here ‘s Huw:

And Gareth:

And the Q&A: