TAFF Goes European

I am delighted to see that this year’s contest for the Transatlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) has two candidates from Central Europe.

Nina Horvath is an Austrian fan who is well known for writing convention reports and the like in English. She has provided a rare window on the German-speaking fan scene for us. One of her nominators is my Croatian friend, Mihaela Marija Perković. You can see what Mihaela has to say in support of Nina here.

Wolf von Witting is also German-speaking, but his ancestry includes some Swedish and Scottish. He’s been around the European fan scene somewhat longer than Nina, and even wrote a few articles for Emerald City back in the day.

The online voting form, complete with each candidate’s manifesto, can be found here. It should be a great race and, whichever way it turns out, this year’s Worldcon will be getting a little taste of Europe.

3 thoughts on “TAFF Goes European

  1. I’ve been trying to encourage more non-UK/Irish westward participation for years, and the 2015 line-up is excellent news.

    1. Thanks for doing so, Steve! I have found out that in some countries the TAFF is quite unknown, what makes it difficult to get people voting, but also nominating or blogging about. I would also have not known this, if I did not get to know GUFF-winners (the same concept, but between Europe and Australia) at the Eurocon(s).

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