Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto

I had a little time to myself over last weekend in Toronto, so I took the opportunity to catch up with some culture. For this trip I visited the Museum of Inuit Art, which is in the Queen’s Quay building down by the lake shore. I was very impressed. There are some magnificent sculptures there. Several of them looked very much like they had come straight out of Mythago Wood, which was a strange experience, and I guess shows that Rob got the shamanistic element of the book very right.

One of the favorite subjects for sculptures is Sedna the Sea Goddess, who is a mermaid.

My two favorite artists from the museum are Bart Hanna Kappianaq, who has some beautiful pieces in arctic marble, and Abraham Anghik Ruben, who has a strong Nordic influence to his work.

Visitors were allowed to take photos as long as they did not use flash, so here are some things to whet your appetite.

Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto
Museum of Inuit Art, TorontoDec 14, 2014Photos: 27