Coming Soon in That London: Nigerian Fantasy, Arabic SF

Geoff Ryman has alerted me to an event featuring top Nigerian fantasy writer, Okey Ndibe. It is taking place on Saturday at Book & Kitchen. Details are as follows:

Saturday 1st November, 2014
4.00 pm
31 All Saints Road
London W11
near Ladbroke Grove tube, parallel to Portobello Road

Mr Ndibe was editor under Chinua Achebe of the Journal African Commentary. He is a regularly published essayist and journalist. He co-edited Writers, Writing on Conflicts and Wars in Africa (Adonis Abbey, 2009). His first novel, Arrows Of Rain is a powerful story of injustice in an fictitious African society, the role of storytellers and journalists and much else besides. Foreign Gods Inc. is similalry multi-layered novel about Nigeria, its religions, and its relationship to itself and the West.

Looking slightly further ahead, I have email from Yasmin Khan about the forthcoming event on Arabic SF at the Science Musuem. The speakers will include top journalist, Samira Ahmed and Saudi author, Yasser Bahjat, whom you all should know, plus three names who are new to me. Hassan Abdulrazzak is an Iraqi novelist and biologist who is turning his hand to SF; Ehsan Masood is a science journalist who has worked for New Scientist and Nature; and Larissa Sansour is a Palestinian filmmaker. Further details here.

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