Hot Summer Night

This evening we had dinner in a place called Cafe Orleans on Decatur that doesn’t seem to have a web site. It isn’t one of the famous restaurants, but it was very good. I had red snapper; Kevin had a pasta seafood medley. The price was reasonable too. I suspect that there are plenty of places like that in the city.

After that we took a long walk around the Quarter and ended up in a German pub called Fritzel’s which had an excellent jazz band. We ended up sharing a table with two very sloshed gay boys who were totally stoked to learn that we were from San Francisco. The City’s name acts like a passport to friendship with the Queer Nation all over the world.

By the way, Fritzel’s describes itself as “European” rather than “German”, though there’s no doubt as to its origins once you get inside. I guess there are obvious reasons for that. But for some strange reason Larry Flynt’s establishments appear to be using “European” as a code word for “topless”. Go figure.