Orange October – Mission Accomplished

World Series 2014
Three in five. Absolutely amazing.

Of course I remember all of those freezing cold nights with Kevin at Candlestick Park. I’d bring thermoses full of hot food and hot chocolate to keep us going. In those days the baseball media regularly predicted that the Giants would finish bottom of their division. We rarely did. These days we just get the best odds going into post-season, so winning the World Series has become a habit. I’m sure that die hard Giants fans who gamble have done quite well over the years.

Credit is due to the Kansas City Royals. Our previous two World Series wins have been wrapped up in 5 and 4 games respectively. This year we were taken all the way to the last out of game 7. It was a 2-2 count with the tying run on third base. I’m sure that all of the neutrals were hoping for extra innings. The Royals are an exceptional team — they were unbeaten in post-season until they came up against us. The Giants only win in odd-numbered years, so I hope they’ll get their turn next year.

It is also worth noting that we only won because Madison Bumgarner and Pablo Sandoval both produced record-setting performances. Panda was MVP in 2012, so I’m pleased that this year it went to MadBum. I was also slightly surprised to find, checking the history, that Edgar Rentería got it in 2010. I guess we need to win again so Buster Posey can have one.