Time Out Of Mind – Episode 4: Anne McCaffrey

Here is the fourth episode of Time Out of Mind. It features Anne McCaffrey. The fifth and final episode, shot at the 1979 Worldcon, has already been uploaded to YouTube by someone else and can be found here.

Aside from the small amount of copyright material in the John Brunner episode, everything appears to have gone up OK. Fingers crossed it will stay there. Of course I hope that the BBC still have the original files somewhere, and will one day produce decent quality versions of the series for sale, but for now I hope you have enjoyed what we have got. Thanks again to Arnold Aiken for sending me the recordings.

2 thoughts on “Time Out Of Mind – Episode 4: Anne McCaffrey

  1. Thanks for posting these. I watched these on the original broadcasts in 1979 and I’ll watch them again when I get a moment.

    My usual source for whether TV programmes are lost or not doesn’t list this series either way, but the BBC changed its archiving policy about a year earlier, so there’s a good chance the episodes still survive.

    Another programme from a little later (February 1980) was the SF edition of a series called A Better Read, presented by Bill Grundy. In this one, Chris Priest and Bob Shaw (in the studio) and Peter Nicholls (interviewed separately and edited in) talked about SF and made recommendations of SF novels to read. I saw that one at the time and remember that Peter Nicholls had The Fifth Head of Cerberus as one of his picks, but I can’t remember what the other recommendations were – and nor can Chris Priest, and I have asked! This was made for ITV Tyne Tees and does survive in the archives, but I wondered if anyone had a video recording of it?

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