Worldcon – Day 4

Once again I have been stupidly busy. Here are some highlights:

  • Anne Sudworth winning Best Body of Work in the Art Show
  • Maurizio Manzieri winning Best Digital in the Art Show
  • The Fine Art panel laying into Damien Hirst
  • Interviewing Gili Bar-Hillel for Ujima
  • The Arabic SF panel and getting to meet Yasmin Khan at last
  • Being in on the start of a project to (finally) translate Dune into Arabic
  • Meeting Elias, Leticia and their fabulous friends from Spain
  • The SF&F Across Borders panel
  • All of the people wearing t-shirts showing the cover of this book
  • The Croatians saving samples of a huge variety of weird brandies for me
  • Archipelacon getting George R.R. Martin as a Guest of Honor
  • The kind comments about my Hugo ceremony dress
  • Ancillary Justice
  • Kevin

One thought on “Worldcon – Day 4

  1. Some of those hi lights sound like things you’ll remember from this con for quite a while.

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