Bethany Black & Alice Denny on Shout Out

The podcast of last night’s edition of Shout Out is now available, and it contains a lot of my Trans Pride coverage. In particular there is material featuring Bethany Black and Alice Denny.

Alice had written a new poem especially for Trans Pride. She kindly gave me a private reading of it so I could get good quality for the broadcast. It is a really powerful piece.

Beth, for those of you who don’t know, has landed a supporting role in a new Russell T. Davies TV series, which is sort of a modern day Queer as Folk. Beth plays a trans woman in the show, which will be the first time a trans person has played a trans person in a British TV drama. There’s not a lot that she’s allowed to say about the show, but she did give me a great interview which we have used a lot of on the show.

I’ll be posting about an hour’s worth of Trans Pride material to my gender-related podcast feed when I get the time during this crazy road trip.