Worldcon – Day 0

I headed to London straight from the studio to be in time to catch up with Rina & Jacob from Tachyon Publications, and Rani Graff from Israel, for dinner. There was a party at Rina & Jacob’s apartment last night, at which I managed to catch up with a bunch of people, including Pat Murphy whom I have not seen in ages. Her work in progress sounds very interesting. Also John Kessel told me he has a novel that he’s almost ready to shop around, which is excellent news.

Oh, and Tachyon are bringing out collections by Kate Elliott and Hannu Rajaniemi next year. SQUEE!

I chatted a bit to Gary Wolfe about various things and he happened to mention seeing the infamous Michelle Goldberg article in The New Yorker, which Julia Serano eviscerates here. Goldberg clearly intended the piece to be a vehicle for TERF propaganda, but I’m starting to hear that for many people it had the opposite effect. Certainly Gary said that he found the TERF line that Goldberg was describing so vile that he automatically took against it. Yay! 🙂

Today the madness begins. I am booked solid from 10:30 to 18:00, save for an hour and a half to check into my hotel and get lunch. That starts at 3:00pm so I’d better eat something now.