Xia Jia – #WITMonth

As with just about every other country in the world, most of the SF&F writers that we are beginning to hear of from China are male. There are some very good ones, but there must be women too. The only one I am familiar with is Xia Jia, who has this story in Clarkesworld.

China seems to be opening up a lot with regard to its science fiction community. That’s in no small part due to the fabulous translation work being done by Ken Liu, but others are helping out too. I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Regina from Shanghai at Worldcon. I must remember to ask about other women writers.

Update: Via Twitter John Chu and Ken Liu have pointed me at Cheng Jingbo, Hao Jingfang and Tang Fei.

Update 2: Via Facebook Regina adds Zhao Haihong, Chi Hui & Chen Qian. She notes that both Tang Fei and Zhao Haihong will be at Worldcon.