Europe Wrap-Up – #WITMonth

This is the final day of the Northern & Western Europe focus for Women in Translation Month, so I’ll try to catch up with lots of people whom I have not yet mentioned.

Starting in Sweden, we have Sara B. Elfgren, co-author of the massively-selling and soon-to-be-movies Engelsfors series. I’ll be talking more about her when we get to the LGBT focus day.

Moving on the Finland, Salla Simukka, is the Next Big Thing in YA fiction. The first book in her Snow White Trilogy, Red as Blood, will be published in English on August 26th.

Also from Finland, Emmi Itäranta now lives in the UK and writes in English, but I don’t want to leave her out just because she’s smart enough to be bilingual. Her Memory of Water is a very interesting dystopian novel set in a future Finland that is ruled by the Chinese. I’m not entirely convinced by her future setting, but the story of a young woman trying to respect a family tradition, while discovering that her parents may have done something horribly unethical, is very well told.

Emmi is featured alongside Jenny Kangasvuo and Tiina Raevaara in the Finnish Weird magazine, paper copies of which doubtless be available at Worldcon. (I have a few if you want to reserve one.)

Talking of people who write in English, I haven’t forgotten Aliette de Bodard (France/Vietnam) and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Netherlands/Philippines). I’m saving them for the Asia tour.

Finally we drop in on Spain to say hi to Rosa Montero whose Blade Runner influenced novel, Tears in Rain, is available in translation.

Now I get to worry about who I have forgotten. I’m sure there are lots of them.