August Plans

People have been starting to ask me which conventions I will be at during August, so I thought that a post would be useful.

I won’t be at Nine Worlds. I have to get work done some time, and there’s a limit to the number of conventions I can afford.

I will be in London during Worldcon. I won’t be on any panels, and I’m not planning on spending much time actually at the convention. This is mainly a case of self-care. However, I do want to catch up with as many visiting friends as possible, so if you fancy getting together for a coffee or something please let me know.

I will be at Eurocon in Dublin, and I’m hoping to be on program. I have to leave on Sunday because of an event in Bristol on Monday, but the flight is very late so I should be there for all of the official stuff except the Porterhouse.

I have hotel rooms booked for both events. In both cases these have double beds but they might be switchable to twins. Let me know if you are looking for somewhere to stay.

Also Kevin has a membership for Dublin that he won’t be able to use. If you are looking for one cheap, get in touch.

I have one accommodation issue outstanding. Every year I have to get declared sane by a gender specialist in London (otherwise they’ll stop my hormones, which will drive me crazy). I have an appointment for the Tuesday after Worldcon, but no hotel booking for Monday night. If anyone can put me up for that one night I’d be very grateful.

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  1. Dear Cheryl,
    if you’ll accept a roommate for just the Friday-Sat night, here’s one hopeful candidate! Just sent you a Facebook message 🙂

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