National Diversity Awards

So, yeah, popular vote stuff. Probably mainly an excuse for big corporations to advertise their support for diversity without actually having to practice it, and for celebrities to charge for their endorsement. And of course the awards will go to those people and organizations that work hardest on social media to get the vote out. But that’s a game anyone can play and as I have stupidly large numbers of “friends” and “followers” I should do my bit for organizations that are important to me.

In particular I’d like you to endorse the nominations of Ujima Radio and Bristol Pride. Ujima absolutely deserves it. I mean, how many other minority-ethnic community radio stations are going to let a trans woman talk to science fiction writers on their main women’s interest programme? And Bristol Pride needs your help. It is a great show, it is genuinely trans-inclusive, it got voted the second-best Pride in the UK last year, and yet the City Council has voted to withdraw all funding for next year. Here are the links:

All you have to do is given them an email address they can verify. There doesn’t seem to be any requirement for voters to be UK-based.