Lordi: The Movie

The very excellent Louis Savy of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival sends out the following in a press release:

Yes, folks, the ‘Fear is Here’ in the form of Dark Floors, the motion picture conceived by and starring Finnish metal act Lordi, who play the villains of the piece in their outrageously theatrical monster gear. Directed by the band’s longtime music video director Pete Riski ­ one of Finland’s top commercial directors making his feature debut ­Dark Floors is a surprisingly polished and serious piece of work, one that avoids playing the camp card delivering a tightly plotted, exceptionally well shot thrill ride that sets the rules of its world very early on, lets the audience know what to expect and then executes it beautifully.

The UK premier will be on Friday October 3rd at the Apollo West End as part of Sci-Fi London’s Oktoberfest.

There’s a trailer here if you really must watch it.