Jean Grey And I

Last week I got interviewed by, an American media website looking to run some articles about diversity issues in the X-Men for an article to be run in conjunction with the release of Days of Future Past. The article turned into two posts, which you can read here and here.

There’s a lot of good stuff there, and it covers some of the same ground as my talk on LGBT superheroes. It also highlights a few things I didn’t include because I didn’t have time to research the whole of Marvel and DC history before writing it.

As I note in my interview (which is at the end of part 2), I pretty much gave up on X-Men after the Dark Phoenix episode, so I’m not an ideal person to quiz on their history. On the other hand, I hopefully had some interesting things to say about growing up as a trans girl and being able to find role models in comics. Jean was the big sister that I never had. There was more in the original interview, but Max Robinson (who wrote the article) wisely cut the bits where I moved too far away from the brief.

Anyway, it’s out there now. Click through if you are interested.