CN Lester in Bristol

I’m going to be in Bristol all day: on Ujima at Noon and going to a Festival of Ideas event in the evening. While I’m away, here’s another Bristol event to consider. The very fabulous CN Lester, whom I have had the honor to interview, will be playing at the Queen Shilling on Friday night as part of the monthly Lickety Split series of concerts. Other acts on the bill are Muff Said and DJ Suzi Lamb. Full details here (via Farcebook, I wish people wouldn’t do that).

For those who don’t have Farcebook accounts, it is £4 to get in. The event starts at 10:00pm and is scheduled to finish at 4:00am. I have no idea what time CN will be onstage. It is also apparently a women-only event, but trans friendly. And presumably non-binary-friendly too as CN identifies as such.

I’d love to go. I’ve never seen CN play live. However, I have no idea when I’ll be able to get out of Murder Most Magical. I need to be there until the authors have finished signing, and while we won’t have Gaimanesque numbers it will still be quite busy. Also I need to be able to catch the last train home, which means being back at Temple Meads not long after 11:00pm. Ah well, maybe some of you folks can go and tell me all about it.