Got Nebulas

The short lists for this year’s Nebula Awards have been announced. As usual there are way too many of my friends on the ballot. They can’t all win. Heck, four of the books on the Best Novel list were mentioned in my Hugo post, and I’m fascinated to see SFWA thinks that Hild is fantasy, despite Locus deciding it was not. That complicates things for me.

Anyway, the main reason that I am making this post is to give huge congratulations to Sylvia Spruck Wrigley who has made a major award ballot for the first time with her short story, “Alive, Alive Oh”, from Lightspeed. I know her because she is one of the friends of Colin Harvey who contributed to his memorial book, Colinthology. Colin would have been so proud of her, had he been around to see this. And parts of the story are set in South Wales too. It is like one of the BristolCon family is up for a Nebula. So although Rachel Swirsky and Sofia Samatar are on the ballot, I shall be cheering for Sylvia.

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