A Brief Note On SFWA

Yeah, there was another huge blow-up online yesterday. It happens. And yet again it was caused by someone who is a former member of SFWA. Please bear that in mind.

These online embarrassments are not an indication that people should leave / not join SFWA. Nor, except in the minds of controversy-obsessed journalists, are they evidence that science fiction and fantasy are still a boys-only club. What they are is evidence that SFWA, and the SF&F community, are changing, and that the conservatives are unhappy about it.

That’s not something to be embarrassed about, it is something to celebrate.

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One Response to A Brief Note On SFWA

  1. Claire McKenna says:

    Yes, it was kind of obvious that the exchange was a last gasp attempt for people who hold hurtful/harmful/inappropriate opinions to try and find others who are similarly misinformed.

    I guess it must be hard for folks who have forever been in a majority to realise they’ve been “living in the Matrix”, that everything they’ve held to be truth so far, to be a lie. Funnily enough, there was a quote about future readers looking upon our time as an era of Assholism, (or very paraphrased, I don’t want to swim though that filth again, LOL) and I thought– they really don’t know how so very close to the truth they are going… šŸ˜‰

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