Here Comes The Geek Agenda

Geek AgendaOne of the more hopeful things happening around fandom at the moment is the number of young people doing their own thing. It’s sad that they don’t feel part of Worldcon and the like, but then I’ve had enough run-ins with UK fandom myself so I’m not entirely surprised. Anyway, here, thanks to Laura Kate Dale and her new podcast, The Geek Night In, is news of a new website launched today. It is called The Geek Agenda, and judging from the mission statement they are aiming for a very inclusive view of geekdom.

Of course the first thing I noticed was that, while they have lots of posts up, there are none under the Books category. Something will need to be done about that. But whoever is in charge of their Twitter feed is clearly a comics nut. So here, just for them, is a Young Avengers Valentine’s poem.

The Vision’s red-faced,
The Scarlet Mom’s pissed,
But Billy is pink
From the Skrull boy’s kiss.

Parents, eh?