February Fringe – Airships & Vikings

The February meeting of BristolCon Fringe takes place on Monday (17th). As usual I shall be hosting the event. We have three readers for February. One is Scott Lewis who has a story in Airship Shaped & Bristol Fashion.

Scott Lewis is a Bristol-based journalist, writer, photographer and casual adventurer who has only recently started dabbling in fiction, and will eventually manage his time sufficiently enough to get his first novel finished. Until then he intends to amuse himself by writing more short stories, chronic procrastination, rummaging around old book stores and libraries for obscure myths, legends, and folklore, and gallivanting off to far-flung parts of the world on ‘research trips’.

Update: Sadly Scott is unable to make it due to the flooding. We hope to re-schedule him for a later date.

Then there’s Jonathan Pinnock, whom I don’t think I have met before but who sounds very interesting. I don’t have a bio for him, but he has an impressive list of short fiction publications on his website. And he has written a novel called Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens, which is clearly the Right Stuff.

Finally we have our first Icelandic reader. A very warm welcome to Bristol, please, for Snorri Kristjansson, who says of himself:

I spend my days working with words, telling jokes on stage and occasionally teaching at Southbank International School.

Which is all very modest of him because he has a fine fantasy novel all about vikings available from Jo Fletcher Books. This is what they have to say:

The Swords of Good Men is a Viking fantasy novel. Our first novel of that ilk, in fact, and it’s awesome. It’s got a mad king determined to bring the White Christ to the masses, a mysterious and beautiful woman drawing the souls of dead warriors to her cause, a gentle blacksmith with dangerous blood and a young hero, who has a lot to learn about the cruelty of the world. And they’re all converging on Steinvik, a place where your enemies do not necessarily reside outside the walls… It’s fast, vicious and reminiscent of Joe Abercrombie…

Snorri read briefly from it at BristolCon last year, and I was very impressed.

Finally, of course, we will be selling copies of Airship Shaped & Bristol Fashion. You won’t be able to get them anywhere else until next week.

Bristolcon Fringe events take place take place in the back room of the Shakespeare Tavern, 68 Prince St. They start at 7:30pm, but many of us turn up early because the food is good. For more details of Fringe events, see here.