Metastasis: The Anthology

Metastasis - Rhonda ParrishHere’s a charity anthology that you might want to consider backing. It is not a Kickstarter project, this one is already published and doing quite well. But it is worth buying because 62.5% of the profits go to cancer research.

The anthology is, of course, all about cancer, and it includes stories by Jay Lake and Candas Jane Dorsey. Editor, Rhonda Parrish writes a bit about it here. I don’t have it in the store, so you’ll need to get it through someone else. The publisher has links.

Talking of Jay, he is currently using his social profile to raise more funds for research through this appeal on You Caring. It is quite close to reaching the funding goal, but it still needs help. I can’t begin to say how much I admire Jay for making such a public event of his fight for life.

And finally, in case you needed any more encouragement, I learned this morning that the fabulous Stella Duffy once again has breast cancer. She’s beaten it once. Here’s hoping she can do so again.