Isles of Glory – Complete

Our good friends at Fablecroft have completed the ebook re-issue of Glenda Larke’s Isles of Glory trilogy. with the final volume, The Tainted. This a a very fine fantasy series. You can get all three books as follows:

I note also that Glenda’s latest series will be launched in March with The Lascar’s Dagger, which is getting fine reviews already (even if there is a cloak on the cover — sorry Gav…).

One thought on “Isles of Glory – Complete

  1. I read these books 2-3 years back (while I was waiting for the last installment of the Stormlords Trilogy). I remember having some trouble finding a copy of either the second or third one in the trilogy here in the US. They were very enjoyable, and it’s great to see them getting new life as e-books. Looking forward to her new books.

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