Fringe Next Week – Lou Morgan & Désirée Fischer

The next BristolCon Fringe reading takes place next Monday. The guest readers are Lou Morgan & Désirée Fischer. Lou will be familiar to many people.

Lou Morgan lives in Bath with her husband and son (and the obligatory writer’s cat). Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies from PS Publishing, Solaris Books and Jurassic London – most recently, in Jurassic’s Egyptian mummy anthology, “The Book of the Dead”. Her first novel, “Blood and Feathers”, was published by Solaris Books in 2012 and was nominated for two British Fantasy Awards, being shortlisted in both the “Best Newcomer” and “Best Fantasy Novel” categories. The sequel, “Blood and Feathers: Rebellion” followed in the summer of 2013.

I note also that she has a Masters in Anglo-Saxon heroic literature and early Arthurian Romance. The Q&A could be fun.

Des is probably less well known outside of Bristol, but she has excellent contacts through her employers:

Desiree Fischer is working for a well known Cult and Entertainment store by day and leading a not so very secret life as a writer by night. She grew up in Germany but always wanted to move to England, so she packed her suitcase as soon as she finished university and has never looked back.

I should add that I’m absolutely delighted that our Fringe readings this far have included a Polish writer, and now a German writer. This is also an all-woman event, bringing our gender balance to date to 5:4 in favor of the boys. February will be all-male, but March is all female again, so we are doing OK.

The event will, as usual, take place at the Shakespeare Tavern, 68 Prince St. from 7:30pm. For those who can’t make it, podcasts should be available in due course (gods of technology willing). Further information is available here.

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