A TV Trailer

As you probably know, I don’t watch much TV drama, but here’s a series I very much hope gets made. It is called Resistance, and a movie-length pilot is currently being worked on in Australia. Why am I so interested in it? Because, as Mike Glyer reveals, the scriptwriter is a guy called Craig Miller.

Back in 1984 Craig was chair of L.A.Con II, the largest Worldcon ever held. More recently Kevin and I worked with him on the Hugo Marketing Committee, which he chaired for its first year. But he is perhaps best known as “the guy who accepts Dramatic Presentation Hugos.” Because he works in Hollywood, Craig is the regular go-to guy when it comes to getting Hugos to movie people. He has probably accepted more Hugos than anyone except Charles Brown and Martin Hoare (who accepts for Dave Langford). I’d love to see Craig make a success of script writing and be able to accept a Hugo in his own right for once.

Craig’s blog has a long photo-filled report of a recent trip to Australia than made me homesick for the place all over again.