Toronto Has History (Temporarily)

Kevin and I spent today doing tourist stuff in Toronto. This included visiting the Merril Collection and Bakka-Phoenix Books. However, we also dropped in on the Royal Ontario Museum. The original objective was to allow Kevin to see their magnificent dinosaur collection, which he duly did, but I was pleased to see that they also had a special exhibition of Mesopotamian artifacts, mostly on loan from the British Museum.

The exhibit is divided into three sections: one devoted to each of Sumer, Assyrian and Babylon. Towards the end of the Babylon section there is a display board talking about the Seven Wonders of the World and how the Hanging Gardens of Babylon have never been found. Next to it, entirely out of place, is a piece of an Assyrian mural from Nineveh. It is, of course, the depiction of Sennacherib in his hilltop garden. The museum curators have been careful not to say that this could be the fabled Gardens, but copies of Stephanie Dalley’s book are prominently on sale in the gift shop at the end of the exhibit.

So, people of Toronto, you have a unique opportunity to see this key piece of Mesopotamian history. If you have any interest in such things, don’t miss it. It is only there until January 5th.

One thought on “Toronto Has History (Temporarily)

  1. Sounds wonderful. I’m happy for you both that you had this day.

    Your decription of the loan exhibit reminds me of the wonderful blue tiled processional walk in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. A super place: first this ethereal Greek temple AND then wonders of Samaria.

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