The Far, Unfrozen North

Hello everyone, I am in Toronto. The journey went fairly well. The biggest problem that I had was the Tube being down between Kings Cross and Baker Street this morning (which at 8:30am is enough to almost bring London to a halt). Thankfully I had left plenty of time and was able to get to Paddington via the Victoria and Bakerloo lines.

The Royal York is as opulently splendid as ever. However, they are digging a new platform at Union station so the roads outside are pure chaos right now. Thankfully the weather is pretty good. Indeed Kevin says it is warmer here than in San Francisco. Given that I have just seem Amanda tweeting about how cold it is there, I am inclined to believe him. If a Bostonian is discomfited by the cold in San Francisco it must be really cold, not just cold for California.

We have been to Chipotle. There is one just over the road. So I have my North American food fix for the trip. I have a lot I could be doing, but it is gone 1:00am so I’m just going to answer email and watch the cricket.

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5 Responses to The Far, Unfrozen North

  1. Twilight2000 says:

    Welcome back to NA ;> Sounds like the Winnipeg WorldCon with the road situation. Oh – and Amanda’s right about the cold – we’re looking at -5 degrees C on the west coast. Far below our usual 4-5 C this time of year!

  2. Glenda Larke says:

    Enjoy your travels and your reunion!

  3. Marjorie says:

    Glad you arrived safely:-)

  4. Martha says:

    My daughter who lives in Oakland says she never remember it being this cold – and she’s an ex-New Yorker, so it must be something extraordinary.

    Glad you made it OK. Give my regards to Kevin and have a great trip.

  5. Johan says:

    I don’t know about the north part. Toronto is pretty much the same latitude as Nice.


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