December Magazines

Why look, it is the first of the month again. That means a whole lot of magazines becoming available, in particular the new Clarkesworld. And just look at that line-up: E. Lily Yu, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz and Benjanun Sriduangkaew. Someone is doing a great job bringing diverse voices to market, eh?

Talking of Clarkesworld, while I was putting #87 in the store I discovered, to my shame, that in the rush of World Fantasy and Kevin being here I completely forgot about #86. Sorry Neil… Anyway, you can buy that one now too. It has a new Robert Reed story, which is always good news.

Finally I have issue #2 of The Dark, the new dark fiction magazine from Sean Wallace and Jack Fisher. Unlike Clarkesworld, The Dark is not available online at the same time as publication, so if you want it now you need to buy it.

And, of course, buying these magazines, rather than reading them for free, means that they have money to pay their writers, which is a very good thing.