Awards Confusion

Kevin and I are still in London, and I probably won’t be able to get caught up with blogging until the weekend, but I do want to mention one thing.

As soon as I heard the announcement that the World Fantasy Awards and British Fantasy Awards were to be presented, not just at the same ceremony, but interleaved, I knew that confusion would result. I was right. I have already seen two very high profile authors tweeting the wrong information. Here is what actually happened.

The World Fantasy Award for Best Novel went to G. Willow Wilson for Alif the Unseen.

The British Fantasy Award for Best Fantasy Novel went to Graham Joyce for Some Kind of Fairy Tale.

The British Fantasy Award for Best Horror Novel went to Last Days by Adam Nevill.

It didn’t help that Graham’s book was up for all three awards. It really was very foolish to present them all at once.

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