Still Here

World Fantasy has been fairly busy, though not in the usual convention way. I have spent a lot of time introducing people to other people, which is good. I’ve also bagged a few interviews for a forthcoming Ujima segment about Afrofuturism. But mostly I have been catching up with old friends, often by way of going out to dinner with them. Special thanks are due to Rina & Jacob Weisman of Tachyon, and to Scott Edelman and Ellen Datlow. I also managed to lunch with Kameron Hurley, Foz Meadows and Lizzie Barrett. We may have plotted world domination. We also discovered a very fine place to eat sushi in Brighton: Sushi Garden in Preston Street.

Somewhat to my surprise, I have not yet been expelled from the convention. Indeed, given the number of violations of supposed firm policies that I have see here, it is a absolute wonder that no one appears to have been expelled. Fortunately the con is running very smoothly, and everyone appears to be having a good time despite the program, which is pretty much standard for WFC.

The awards take place this afternoon. Kevin and I will then head up to London for a bit of tourism.