Fly-By Posting from Brighton

Hello world, I am at World Fantasy. It is busy.

Yesterday Kevin and I traveled down here and pretty much immediately got to work. Brit Mandelo and I did an interview with Claire Parker for the Time 4 T show on Reverb Radio about trans people in the SF&F community. Then we had dinner, after which Kevin and I went out on the town for Hallowe’en. Huge thanks to Sarah Savage for meeting up with us and showing us where to find the local drag queens. We missed seeing Paris Lees on Question Time, but my Twitter feed has been full of it and I see at least part of it has already found its way onto YouTube.

The convention seems to be running smoothly thus far. We did have a bit of a fright on our way back last night when a police car raced past at full speed with sirens blazing, but it was headed for the Grand, not the Metropole, so I guess none of the convention attendees has breached any of the stringent behavior guidelines yet.