World Fantasy Schedule

Kevin and I are not heading to Brighton until tomorrow, and I’ll probably be stupidly busy while I am there. It is a professional event. I have things to do. Here are some of them.

Assuming that I don’t get slung out of the convention for inappropriate behavior, I am on one panel. It is the one about online reviews, and it takes place at 5:00pm on Friday in the Cambridge Room.

I have one publisher meeting (mainly about things Finnish).

I’m recording some material for Brighton local radio about trans people in SF&F (along with some of the other trans folks attending), after which I’m attending the Hallowe’en bash at The Marlborough where I’m hoping to introduce Kevin to Fox & Sarah from MTS.

I’ll be making a bunch of recordings myself for Shout Out and Ujima.

I have three dinner engagements and one lunch engagement to catch up with friends.

We are presenting the Translation Award plaque to Karin Tidbeck (in the bar at a time to be arranged — I didn’t even bother telling the convention about this because I know what their response would have been).

I need to introduce Jon Courtenay Grimwood to Jo and Roz from BristolCon as he’s one of our GoHs next year.

I’m being interviewed by an academic from Sussex University who is doing a PhD on trans families.

There is a Grand Prix on Sunday. If the Metropole isn’t showing it we may need to find a pub.

I have promised Kevin that we can do some tourism in Brighton, including a visit to the Pavilion, and if the weather holds up we want to play the pirate-themed crazy golf course.

I need to be at the Awards Ceremony as I have a blog post to write for For Books Sake.

And we’ll be leaving for London immediately the Awards are done.

In between all that I shall be either asleep or in the bar.

Have I forgotten anyone?

Update 1: Argh, sorry Jules. Also meeting with one of my authors re websites.

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