The Bisexual Book Awards

Yes, there are such things. They have an SF/F/H category too, and a separate one for YA. You don’t have to identify as bisexual, just have suitable content in your book. Entry is free, so if you happen to have a book out this year with bisexual content then you should get on and submit it. Because you never know. Also I want to see plenty of support for the awards from our little corner of the world (in fact they only do the SF/F/H category if there are sufficient entries, otherwise we get lumped into mainstream). Further details here.

One thought on “The Bisexual Book Awards

  1. Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror) is proving to be a popular genre category. We already have enough submissions to have a category, but the more the merrier. We welcome anyone with a book with bisexual characters, storylines or themes to submit their book.

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